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Thirty-Years Practice in Libraries: Recollections and Ruminations. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, 2005. 245 p. with index.
The book collects Wangs selected research articles, short papers, and reports wriiten during the years when he served as a library professional in several U.S. academic libraries. The collection is divided into four sections: library profession, library administration, electronic publishing and Internet, and library science research.
Reviewed by Prof. Mark Goniwiecha and published in //The Australian Library Journal// and //Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences//


Guam and Micronesian Libraries: Historical Events, Information Sources, and Others. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, 2005. 172 p. with index.
The book collects Wang s selected research articles, short papers, and reports primarily relating to libraries and information sources on Guam and Micronesian islands. It is organized into three sections: University of Guam Library; Guam and Micronesian libraries; and Micronesian information sources.
Reviwed by Prof. Mark Goniwiecha and published in //The Australian Library Journal// and J//ournal ofEducationhal Media & Library Sciences//

Patches of Light Clouds. Taipei, Taiwan: Showwe, 2005. 334 p. with index.
The work collects Wang s selected Chinese and English essays, notes, and miscellanies relating to his challenging experience, such as how he came to the United States, how he was robbed at a gun point, and his feeling about being a Chinese-"American." It includes Wang s notes and commentaries on many contemporary events, such as Hong Kong s turnover to China, Korean Airline crash, and many academic issues at University of Guam.
Reviewed by T. I. Chao and published in (Atlanta) Chinese Community News WangReturned.jpg
, January 1, 2006.
Government of Guam Documents: A Selected List, 1981-2004. Syracuse, NY: ERIC, 2005. 64 p. ED 490 638.
The list updates information published in the author s earlier book, containing selected Government of Guam documents issued from 1981 through 2004. An alphabetical title list for quick reference is included.

Government of Guam, 1981-1996: an Information Source. Mangilao, Guam: University of Guam Micronean Area Research Center, 1997. 308 p. with indexes.
The work compiles and organizes an information source on the selected Government of Guam documents and publications issued from 1981 through 1995. The source contains plans,manuals, policies, procedures, reports, and research studies. Its topics involve business, humanities, laws, social studies, and sciences.

University of Guam Learning Resources Cummulative Report, 1952-94
. Syracuse, NY: ERIC, 1995. 44p.
ED377 632.
From available sources, the report records the historiy, identifies the milestones, and reviews the past prograss of the University of Guam Learning Resources since its founding in 1952 through 1994. It contains a list of administrators, important events, essential statistics, faculty publications, etc. The events are arranged chronologically if information is available. To show the trend of development and evoluation of the unit, the data of student enrollment, budget, collections, and services are highlighted and charted.,

Guam Governor s Conference on Library and Information Services Report. Agana, Gaum: Government of Guam,
1991. 97 p. (With Shirlley Corbin and Mark C. Goniwiecha.) Also in Syracuse, NY: ERIC. ED 341 391.
Following the format required by the White House Conference on Library and Information Services, the report contains the actual planning activities, pre-conference, and conference programs of the GGCLIS. It is divided into ten sections, such as planning process, GGCLIS goals and objectives, recommendations, evaluation and so on. At the end are 14 appendices.

Learning the LRC: A Video Script. Enfield, CT: Asnuntuck Community College, 1988. 1 vol.
A script using video to show students how to use the Learning Resources Center at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Connecticut. The script diviides four parts: a walking tour of the center s facility, the card catalog, periodical indexes, and reference tools.

Electronic Publishing and Its Impact on Print Publishing.... (Doctoral dissertation, University of Pittsburgh School of Library and Information Science). Ann Arbor, MI: UMI, 1988. 245 p.
This is a case study to test the impact of electronic publishing on print publishing involving four major libraries in Atlanta, Georgia. As a thesis, it begins with a review of the history and issues of the subject and then proceeds to the sections of research hypotheses, data analyses, and conclusion. Numerous data tables, analysis charts, and an extensive bibliography are included.

Collected Papers on the Political, Economic, and Other Issues in Communist China and Other Communist Countries. 7 vols. Taipei, Taiwan: Shanghai Press, 1964-1969.
These collected volumes are translations into Chinese from selected English articles published throughout the world. The seven volumes are: (1) General Issues, (2) Economy, (3) Population, (4) Communism in Mongolia, (5) Communism in USSR, (6) Communism in Eastern Europe, and (7) Communism in North Vietnam, Western Europe, America, and Other Areas.


Wang s works can be located in University of Guam Library, Library of Congress
, and other sources.