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Ph. D. in Library Science, 1988, University of Pittsburgh
Graduate Studies, Georgia State University, 1984-86 (20 quarter hours)
M. A. in Special Education, 1977, Atlanta University (45 semester hours)
M. S. in Library Science, 1972, Atlanta University (36 semester hours)
Graduate Studies, New York State University at Oswego,1970 (9 semester hours)
B. A. in English Literature, 1969, Tamkang University, summa cum laude (150 semester hours)
Diploma, English Language, 1963, ROC MND s Foreign Language School (one-year intensive training)
Diploma, Transportation and Logistics, 1955, Chinese Military Academy (over two-year intensive training)


Professor Emeritus of Library Science, University of Guam, 2006-
East Asian/Cataloging/Reference Librarian/Professor, Learning Resources, University of Guam, 1998-2006
Dean, Learning Resources, University of Guam, 1989-1999.
Professor, tenured, 1992
Associate Professor, 1989-1992
Public Services Librarian, Asnuntuck Community College, 1987-1989
Head Librarian/Assistant Professor, Atlanta University School of
Library and Information Studies, 1976-87
Assistant Librarian/Instructor, Atlanta University School of Library and Information Studies, 1972-76.
English Instructor (part-time), Minchi Institute of Technology, 1970, Taiwan
Teacher, Chulin High School, 1969-70, Taiwan
Associate Researcher, ROC MND s Institute for Chinese Communism Studies, 1963-69, Taiwan
Army Transportation Officers, ROC Army, 1955-1963, Taiwan.